Wednesday, 19 November 2014


One of my most beloved non-fragrant flowers is none other than hydrangea. I first cultivated it more than twenty years ago when I was still studying in college. Then it was all forgotten and neglected at my parents' place until I moved into my current house. When I failed twice to propagate it from cuttings, I decided to move the one and only remaining plant to my place. Shown some TLC after years of neglect, it bloomed again. However, a kind of pest eventually killed my very old plant and what I managed to save are just cuttings of the shoots which surprisingly seem to grow after being planted in the soil. So, the lesson learnt is hydrangea is propagated by taking the new stems and not old ones.
Only a hint of blue is seen here although years ago at my parents' place it used to be all blue.
A lovely pink cluster....

Now that I have pink hydrangea, I miss the blue one.


  1. pH tanah berbeza dekat tempat baru kali ini agaknya. Ramai envy kalau tengok ni you got them to be pink when common are blue.

  2. Really lovely flowers and beautiful colors !

    1. Indeed! I used to have many blue ones in my parents' home years ago. But with limited space, I can only have 2 pots of hydrangea at my own house.

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  4. So, to get blue ones back I must take some soil from my kampung! I plan to plant a pot of each and just learnt that only the kampung or lowland variety will bloom. The ones from Cameron Highlands are unlikely to bloom.